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For newly registered OMG members, you will receive a one-time shopping gold reward of HK$20 in your account
• This shopping gold reward must be used within 60 days from the date of issuance
• Only applicable to newly registered members
• Only available after spending $100

Birthday shopping gold reward
• VIP members and SUPER VIP members will receive a HK$100 birthday shopping gold reward on their birthday
• Birthday Shopping Gold Reward must be used within 60 days from the date of issuance
• Members must fill in their birthday date on the account profile page in order to enjoy the birthday shopping gold reward

Member, VIP member, SUPER VIP member
• Register on the website to become a basic member (no consumption required)
• If you spend HK$5000 in total within a year, you will be automatically upgraded to a VIP member, and you will receive a 3% shopping rebate (per order)
• If you spend HK$15000 or more in a year, you will be automatically upgraded to a SUPER VIP member, and you will get a 5% shopping cash rebate (per order)
If you want to use VIP privileges
• Online consumption: VIP members who have completed the upgrade will automatically receive the relevant discounts, which will be shown on the checkout statement
 [The offer is subject to the display on the checkout statement]
• Retail consumption: please show our store staff (you can use mobile phone) the orange membership level in the upper left corner of the "personal information" page of your member account
[Do not accept phone screenshots (screencap)]
Terms of Use of Shopping Money
• All shopping funds must be used within 60 days from the date of issuance, and overdue shopping funds will be forfeited
[Except for designated events]
• The shopping gold is applicable to regular-priced items or special offers in the whole store (except items in the special offer area)
• The shopping deposit will be automatically deducted at checkout and displayed on the order
• Members can check the balance of personal shopping money in the "Shop Shopping Money" section of their account
• All deducted shopping funds or discounts will not be reimbursed.

OMG shopping gold rebate:
Become a FOODIE YARD member, all year-round consumption (excluding shipping costs) will be automatically converted into shopping gold rebate
Shopping cash $1=HK$1 is used in the next order, and the shopping cash can be used only after spending HK$100.
• The settlement of shopping funds is based on Hong Kong dollars, and the system shows that all the amounts other than Hong Kong dollars are reference amounts.
• All orders with net purchases of HK$100 or above can get shopping gold rebate.
• The value of the shopping cash rebate is calculated based on the actual net payment after deducting the discounts and shopping cash for each order based on the percentage of the rebate at the membership level, and the system will automatically update it at 12 o'clock in the morning of the same day.
• The use period of shopping money is (60 days), and it will be automatically invalid if it is overdue.
• Once used, the shopping money cannot be refunded, even if the order is cancelled for some reason, it will not be refunded.
• All orders cancelled for some reason will not receive the shopping rebate, and the shopping rebate received from the original purchase will also be cancelled.
• If you do not register as a member of the FOODIE YARD online store when you place an order, you will not be able to give away shopping money.
• If there is a decimal point in the shopping payment settlement, it will be calculated to the whole number.
• Members must log in to check out to be eligible to receive and use the shopping gold VIP member birthday gift.